What is proyecto3MR?

proyecto3MR is an initiative from the youth of the Catholic Movement Schoenstatt. Its main goal is the production of a non-profit movie in order to spread and communicate christian values to the society. The movie is inspired by the book Three Religious Rebels by M.Raymond, O.C.S.O.

Why this book?

What moves and impassions men and women of our time are the coherent lives that leave a footprint. We wanted to tell the story of one of these lives: Saint Robert of Molesme. The life of Robert of Molesme is a message of rebellion, nonconformism and hope. The book Three Religious Rebels has awakened, in those who read it, a craving for changing the world and a yearning to reach to God.

Why a movie?

Nowadays, our society receives thousands of messages. Some of them impact in their targets and some other pass by in the amidst the vertiginous daily routine. Movies are a powerful tool to impress a message in the soul of a society.

Do you want to collaborate?

For more information about how you can collaborate with proyecto3MR, please visit our Contact section o make a donation here.