Robert of Molesme

Robert in as enthusiastic boy with fervent ideals. He is perseverant and ocasionally obstinate. He never gives up pursuing his goals: to live the Benedictine life more authentically and coherently. This will result in confilct with the lax monks of his time, which live a live full of lenitives (sumptuous abbeys and servants).

Theodoric of Champagne

Theodoric is the father of Robert. He is Lord of Troyes and lives in a castle. Noble and religious man. He loves the Church. At first he opposes his son idea of becoming a monk. Later he will reconsider and encourage Robert to live to the fullest wherever he goes.


Ermengarde is the mother of Robert and the wife of Theodoric. Lady of Troyes. Sweet and kind-hearted. She is also very religious. Smart and skilled, she is capable of convincing Theodoric to change his mind about their son becoming a monk.

Frater Maurus

Fellow and friend of Robert. Spontaneus and carefree, but at the same time clever and sharp minded. He doesn't take life too seriously. He is always laughing and making jokes.

Abbot Bernard

He is the Abbot of the monastery of Saint Pierre de la Celle. He admires Robert's maturity and gallatry. He also shares with Robert his reformist vision, but he does not have the strength to change the rooted habits of the other monks.

Father William

He is the Master of Novices of Saint Pierre de la Celle. Man of great sanctity and integrity. At first he judges Robert and considers that his attitude is full of pride and vanity. However, through the multiple conversation they have, he will discover his nobility of heart.


He is an hermit eager to serve God more genuinely. He will quickly build a good friendship with Robert and follow him in all his endeavours.

Frater Romanus

He is a monk of Molesme well suited for speaking. He won't accept the refom of Robert since, according to Romanus, it is not supported Cluny's Regulation

Stephen Harding

British lord that joins Robert's reformation after hearing of his fame.

Jacob of Champagne

Robert's cousin. They have been frineds since childhood. He is an outstanding knight and is passionate about tournaments and banquets.